BURAK, Symbol of Quality and Reliability in Elevators

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Burak Elevators

BURAK is the symbol of quality and reliability in the elevator. It owes this feature to its progress with a half-century of infrastructure experience and excellent world technology line, stubbornly and patiently, without sacrificing quality.

     In 1971, our General Manager Mr. It was established by AHMET TEMTEK as SAB-YEM Elevator. The firm, which has been successfully serving until the end of 1994, has been providing the best quality service to its customers in its sector as BURAK ELEVATOR since 1995, after completing their education in their own people.

 Burak, hydraulically driven lift systems, machine-less (gearless machines) is the high-speed elevator system that puts the company at the beginning of the first practice in Turkey. It closely follows the technologies in the elevator industry and informs its customers.

BURAK provides complete customer satisfaction by producing and delivering elevators and escalators that are properly assembled, delivered on time, do not cause any complaints throughout the life of the building, are constantly maintained, and are offered to the market.

BURAK has taken firm steps in our country to be the pioneer of all kinds of techniques, durability and aesthetics, and has produced high quality elevators that people use in confidence and will continue to produce with the help of you, our valuable friends.

o meet BURAK; Quality and Confidence is to shake hands and catch the age.

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